Saying Goodbye to the Wiki

Hello everyone. I know that I've not been attentive enough when it comes to the wiki, and I would like to apologize now for the issues caused by it. I have not been able to allocate as much time to the wiki as I previously thought possible, which has led me to decide that it is a good time to move on from the community as a whole. As this is my last main piece of soyjakking, I think this is an appropriate time to truly say goodbye. I know that I have not always been a great admin to this website either, and I just want to say that I'm sorry for the problems that my inattentiveness may have caused. I know it wasn't always like this, but without revealing too much, I have become preoccupied with other things in my life which have made it all too much to efficiently balance. Maybe, some time in the future, when I am able to devote more attention to the art, I will be able to return to soyjakking. But until that day comes, I will remain as a regular user, just like any of you reading this. I want to thank everyone in the soyjak community for giving me something to focus on when I was down in life, and for being understanding of my exit from the websites that I formerly owned. To a few of you, it may seem like a disappointment that I am leaving, but I feel as though this may be for the good of community. I hope that all of you continue to keep the practice of soyposting alive for many years to come.

With regret,